Passionate about FOOD? So are we. We push the boundaries of the culinary arts with cooking challenges and food seminars. Come join us for a meal!


SCIENCE is at the heart of what we do. Change the way you view food with our student-led research opportunities and educational workshops.


TECHNOLOGY has taken over the world and the food industry is no exception. Join us for tech talks, food hackathons, and much more.

What is FST?

Food Science and Tech at Cal aims to bring together students at UC Berkeley who share a passion for food science and related technologies. We are the first and only food science organization on campus, and work closely with the College of Chemistry and Department of Nutritional Sciences to educate about food related issues. During the year we bring in guest speakers and go on factory tours to provide a real-world look into the food industry, conduct student-led research through the College of Chemistry, hold educational workshops to teach about food science concepts, and work together to develop innovative food ideas for competition. Our club is open to all UC Berkeley students of any major. Feel free to email us at or just drop by any of our meetings.

Upcoming Events

Interested in joining us for an event? Here's what we have planned:


Claudia Wong


Year: Junior
Major: NST Dietetics
Minor: Food Systems
Fav Food: Hot Cheetos

Tina Zhao

Vice President

Year: Junior
Major: Computer Science
Fav Food: Ramen

Jennifer Nguyen


Year: Junior
Major: Chemical Engineering
Fav Food: Cookies

Armen Kelikian


Year: Junior
Major: Genetics and Plant Biology
Fav Food: Hemp Seeds

Bonney Ruan

Publicity Chair

Year: Junior
Major: Cognitive Science
Fav Food: Sundubu

Caroline Sobek

Events Coordinator

Year: Junior
Major: Chemical Biology and Statistics
Fav Food: Cheese

Melanie Chiao


Year: Sophomore
Major: Economics
Minor: Nutrition
Fav Food: Sweet Potatoes

Get In Touch

Interested in learning more about what we do? Want to host an infosession with us? Shoot us a message!